Article I: Purpose

The Old Groton Meeting House Preservation Fund is a 501c3 organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Old Groton Meeting House, and to the advancement of the recognition of its significant role in the history of the Town of Groton, Massachusetts.

Article 2: Members

The Old Groton Meeting House Preservation Fund is a non-membership organization.

Article 3: Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees will serve for 3 year terms with no limits to term succession.

The following positions will serve as officers to the organization:


Removal of any officer must be for just cause and reason(s) that cause significant harm to the organization. A full consensus (super majority) of the entire board is required.

Resignation. The Board requests a resignation notice in writing from resigning board member to any member of the board.

Article 4: Giving Policy

The Old Groton Meeting House Preservation Fund is an Endowment Fund for projects specific to the preservation and restoration of the Meeting House structure as an historic landmark.

The OGMHPF will serve as trustees for the Fund. As trustees, our principal role will be to manage the Fund portfolio, to determine what constitutes preservation of the Meeting House, and to dispense funds accordingly.

Upon mutual agreement regarding which projects to pursue, OGMHPF and FPC, by simple majority vote of their trustees, determine timeline, allocation of management, and portion of cost each will assume. All funding efforts will include provisions for ongoing maintenance of said project.

Article 5: Amendments

Any amendment to these bylaws requires full consensus (super majority) of the entire board.